Ultraminiatur-Mikroschalter X6
Ultraminiatur-Mikroschalter X6
Ultraminiatur-Mikroschalter X6

Highest performance in ultra-miniature electrical circuit design

Sicatron expanded with the new ultra-miniature micro-switch Saia X6 miniature circuit protection for use in its portfolio. The X6 is intended for use in circuit breakers of the low and medium voltage class and convinces with its high mechanical and electrical life.

The contact material of the X6 micro-switch is designed for both signal flow and power flows. With its high performance switching with extremely compact design of the X6 sets a new performance standard in the market. In addition, Johnson Electric laid emphasis on the reliable operation of the microswitch, even after prolonged periods of inactivity in the application.

The X6 micro switch complements the existing program of Johnson Electric switches for circuit breakers, covering in particular on the following applications:

  • Auxiliary switches for position sensing and signaling message
  • Contactor for motors and actuators with high inrush

Saia - The specialist for automation and control systems. Products in their use of our customers have a direct added value. Saia synchronous motors, stepper motors, control electronics and gearbox with a long life cycle and a smooth and reliable operation. Previously installed products can always be adapted to changing needs.

Saia microswitches / snap switch

Saia-Burgess precision switches: suitable for high-tech Micro switch / snap switches for high switching frequencies designed for applications with large numbers of reliable operation over a long lifetime. The complete micro-switch standard program is complemented by customer-specific system solutions.

Ultra Miniature Micro Switch Series

Smallest size in sealed and unsealed versions. Ratings up to 5 A, 250 VAC.


F4, F5, F1, F1NS, X5, L16, FK4, MOT11, X6


Subminiature Micro Switch Series

According to DIN standard. Sealed and unsealed versions. Overtravel to 2.2 mm; switching values ​​up to 12 A, 250 VAC. Different versions also available Pre-assembled. Temperature range up to 120 ° C and sealed erhätlich.


XC, X4, V4NC, V4N, V4L, QA4/PBA


Micro-miniature switch series

In large scale distributed series of snap switches / microswitches. Schaltkraefte under 15 cN, contact openings greater than 3 mm and switching values ​​up to 26A, 250VAC, temperature range -40 to + 150 ° available!


XG, 390, X3, G3, 340, V3Q, BB1 600, X3

Saia-Burgess: Robust micro switch for the industry. Europe's leading manufacturer of micro switches. An expert in innovative switch solutions. The world's first snap action switch mechanism Large range of industrial applications and high stress. The complete micro-switch standard program is complemented by customer-specific system solutions.

Micro switches, limit switches, limit switches, position switches


V3NS, PN4, V3S, V9N, 4BR, 3BR, 4CR, M9/C9, M2V3 / C2V3


Explosion-proof micro-switch (micro switch EEx / ATEX)




Burgess switch with positive opening




Burgess switch with double break

Double disruption of the electrical circuit by jumper switches. Available in four series. Designs as NC, NO, CO.

Doppelunterbrechung des elektrischen Schaltkreises durch Brückenschalter. In vier Baureihen erhältlich. Ausführungen als Öffner, Schliesser, Wechsler.


K5, XP, XT, KB5

„Connect – Contact – Control." This is the slogan under which Schaltbau GmbH develops and manufactures electromechanical components for railway equipment and industry. Our experience of manufacturing in accordance with the high safety standards as required for traffic engineering also makes us a reliable source of developing products for many other lines of industry. The complete micro-switch standard program is complemented by customer-specific system solutions.


Snap-action switches, style F

Miniature switches, style F, 50 × 12 mm. 4 terminals, continuous current up to 16 A. Positive opening operation.


Snap-action switches, style A

Miniature switches, style F, 35 × 11 mm. 3 terminals, continuous current up to 10 A. Positive opening operation.


V4 snap-action switches

Subminiature switches: 20.5 × 6.6 × 9.4 mm. 3 terminals, continuous current up to 6 A. Positive opening operation.


Enabling switches

Single pole momentary-action switches for safe manual operation. 3 positions: OFF-ON-OFF. Positive opening operation.


Technical features

Snap-action switches are designed with a snap mechanism that allows extremely fast switching, practically regardless of the duration of actuation. This makes the operating position precisely reproducible and controls the arc more efficiently.

Snap-action switches from Schaltbau are designed for industrial applications that place high demands on the reliability of both components and systems. They can switch both control currents and loads reliably and precisely. They are capable of doing so up to 10 million times, depending on the series.

Special features of Schaltbau snap-action switches:

  • Double interruption: distribution of the switching-off task to two contacts
  • High electrical switching capacity and durability under long-term use
  • High changeover speed
  • Short bounce times (from 1.7 to 3.5 ms, depending on series)
  • Snap mechanism and electrical contact system decoupled
  • Self-cleaning contact system
  • Mechanical working life of up to 10 million operating cycles
  • Reliable opening of the break contacts due to positive opening operation
  • Flat, compact design, mounting in series possible
  • Versions with higher ingress protection ratings up to IP67
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • Transparent housing for inspecting the contacts


Decoupling of mechanical and electrical elements

The mechanical snap-action system and the electrical contact system are constructed separately in many series: this keeps the current heat that arises from impairing the mechanical spring characteristics of the snap mechanism.

Self-cleaning contacts

We achieve high contact reliability by using V-shaped contacts and due to the friction motion between the contacts. Thanks to this self-cleaning feature, the contact resistance of the switch remains constant throughout its entire working life (important for low currents).

Double interruption

In the case of double interruption, as opposed to single interruption, the voltage is distributed between two fixed contacts. This makes it possible to connect higher voltages and power outputs with the same contact distance. Switches with double-break contacts have a longer electrical working life and greater contact reliability at the same time.

Galvanic separation

In the case of double interruption with galvanic separation, the two electrical circuits are isolated from each other by the mechanical design. This enables break and make contacts to switch various electrical circuits at the same time (for example load and control current).

Positive opening operation

For an opening contact element, positive opening operation ensures that the closed circuit is opened reliably even if the contacts become welded together or the springs break.

High-quality micro-switches belong to the elementary components in our wide product range. Micro-switches are used in a wide range of applications in the field of automated industry. Safety, load capacity and functionality are top priorities in the selection. Our dedicated company is one of the market leaders globally in the areas of control and regulation elements, as well as in process engineering, and we always promise solid and reliable quality in our various micro and snap-action switch segments.

Complete range of services

In addition to proven standard micro-switches, we offer ultra-miniature and sub-miniature variants, as well as explosion-proof switches and switches with double break, position switches, door and rocker switches. Our company covers the complete range for the stocking and procurement of electronic and electromechanical components and subsystems. In addition to the extensive expert and technical advice, we offer our clients optimal system solutions. Numerous renowned companies have placed their trust in our years of experience and performance. Our range of services includes the joint planning, supplier selection, procurement and stocking of all items as well as the series supply and prototype construction.

Numerous variants

There are many variations available which we can assemble as standards or in combination with cable from stock and we also offer our customers excellent alternatives to other manufacturers. As a specialist for automation and control systems, our company offers the customers genuine added value in use thanks to excellent product quality. In doing so, we ensure a long shelf life, as well as the reliable and trouble-free operation of the micro-switch. Moreover, there is the possibility of customising installed products at any time to meet changed needs and requirements.

Top quality

Our high-tech micro-switches are designed for very high switching frequencies and are suitable for applications with large quantities, where the reliable operation and long life of the products are guaranteed. The versatile micro-switch range is complemented by customised system solutions. The switching speed of the contacts is largely independent on the operating rate.