Work Lights

Turck Banner’s range of work light strips provide bright, even, and efficient LED illumination. They are ideal for use in enclosure interiors for increased visibility during component installation, maintenance and monitoring, and are also ideal for work stations with poor factory lighting. The narrow profile metal housing allows lights to be mounted out of the way, while swivel brackets allow lights to be positioned exactly where needed. They are available in lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm, and can be cascaded end-to-end to minimize wiring.



Multi-purpose LED displays

LEDs with DC power supply with two or three colors. Photoelectric sensors use visible or infrared light to detect objects of various kinds. The TURCK Banner system is a very powerful product that provides for virtually any optoelectronic application the right solution.

Tower Lamp TL50

Turmlampe TL50

Fully sealed LED tower lights provide versatile, economical status indicator for industrial and commercial applications. A model with audible alarms and up to four colors is also available.

  • Displays up to 5 colors in a single housing, free choice of colors from green, yellow, red, blue or white LEDs
  • Fast assembly of custom-configured and pre-lighting
  • Robust can be water-and oil-tight housing which is mounted directly on a system with IP65 protection
  • Extremely high resistance to shock, vibration and other factors
  • With a single borehole, the 30 mm threaded plate is directly mounted on cabinets and display panels